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ICMA Centre Profiles - Yihan Zhou

One of our recent recipients of the Chancellor's Award takes some time out from her studies to answer some questions for us.

What inspires you about your chosen subject of study?

It has long been my dream to work in the finance industry, which inspired me to choose Finance and Investment Banking at the ICMA Centre. The subject provides me with an excellent opportunity to explore various aspects of financial theories and extend my commercial and economic awareness and understanding of financial markets.

Why did you choose to come to Reading to study? What attracted you to the University of Reading?

The primary reason I came to Reading is that the course covers all the areas that particularly interested me. The modules I have taken so far are not only about theories but more importantly they are tightly connected with real-world practices. Besides the high reputation and strong academic atmosphere, Reading also offers a great campus and an easy connection to London. I’m really enjoying life in Reading so far.

What was the highlight of 2011/12?

Receiving the Chancellor’s Award was an absolute highlight as it was recognition that all my hard work had been worthwhile. Besides that, the summer internship provided me with a fantastic opportunity to work with experienced financial analysts and see how financial instruments operate in practice.

What do you see yourself doing in five years’ time? What do you plan to do after you complete this course?

I hope to be qualified as a Chartered Financial Analyst and be working in an investment bank. It is a long way away but I have the determination to work towards it.

What's the best thing about life at Reading?

It’s a great place to study as well as live. The campus is lovely with welcoming and approachable staff. The town has a large number of facilities and is located very close to London.

Have you got any advice for future students?

Work hard and then play hard!

  • Favourite movie: The Guillotines
  • Favourite Sport: Pilates
  • Favourite Food: everything cooked by my mother

Published 18 December 2012

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