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Forthcoming Event: Why Cooperative Banking?

Is there a better business model for banks?

The business model for retail banking is often criticised here in the UK, but in the US there is a large and healthy cooperative banking sector. Could this model work over here? This talk is essential for anybody considering working in banking who want to get a different perspective on some of the issues the sector faces and broaden their commercial knowledge.

Event information
Date 28th November 2017
Time 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue ICMA 105
Event types:
Industry Insights

James Marshall, Manager, Filene Research Industry

Filene are a non-profit, independent, think and do tank for the consumer finance industry in the US and James is the Manager of The Cooperative Trust, a grassroots community of young people who work in credit unions and cooperatives founded by Filene.

James focuses on bringing sustainability and longevity to the trust as well as increasing its profile as it moves into the next stages of development.

James’ profile is here and here and you can find out more about Filene here

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