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Realistic Portfolio Analysis and Construction

Event information
Date 20 February 2008
Time 13:00-14:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Venue ICMA Centre, Room G03/04
Event types:
Research Seminars

After graduating from Oxford in 1970, he pioneered the use of computers in corporate finance. In 1981 he moved to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, advising on their portfolio and the performance of their external managers. In 1987 he became Managing Director of Baring Quantitative Management. In 1989 he joined QUANTEC as Director of Investment Technology, and was responsible for the marketing, client support and consultancy worldwide. He founded OCCAM in 1993,ut still finds time to lecture on financial technology, and is a director both of INQUIRE UK and INQUIRE Europe, organisations dedicated to tge sponsoring and dissemination of quantitative investment research at universities and business schools in the UK and Europe respectively.