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Nick Pilkington

Nick, what made you choose to study at Henley Business School, and why did you select this programme in particular?

‘This wasn’t really what I thought I originally wanted to do, but I was attracted by the fact that the programme has a good balance between practical and theory, and most other courses don’t include a specialist Investment Banking element.

I knew of Henley Business School’s reputation, and had seen the ICMA Centre, which is spoken of very highly, so Reading was an easy choice – it’s a modern environment with great technology and facilities.

I also spoke to a few people about the postgraduate and executive education opportunities at Henley, and saw from the FT rankings that Henley offers a world-class MBA. So, when I came to the Open Day and saw how rounded the course was – incorporating areas all the way from accountancy to econometrics and portfolio management– I felt it was absolutely the right choice for me.’

And what have been the highlights for you so far?

‘Just the sheer range of opportunities. I’ve met so many professionals who are working or have worked in the industry, and they bring a totally different perspective. We’ve had visits from the Big 4 firms and former bankers – people who have had a real impact on the industry.

We’ve also had the chance to use some amazing software that opens your eyes to how things really work in the industry.’

You’re doing an internship this summer - how did that come about?

‘Yes, I’m working with BDO this summer, and if all goes well, I’d hope to be offered a graduate role with them in the future. And it’ll be a chance to find out more about what I do and don’t want to do and where my skills and knowledge best lie.

The careers team at the university were so helpful and gave me great support in preparing for the internship. The advice they gave me was invaluable, and the help they gave me with my application and developing my interview skills was really useful; I don’t think I’d have secured it without them.’

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of enrolling on the programme?

‘Approach it with an open mind, and take the opportunities it presents. Every person you meet can be a stepping stone to the next important contact.

The staff here are really committed to getting the best out of you, so you can be confident that you’ll have made the right decision by coming here. So be studious, and embrace it!’