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Case study: Victor Ferrat

Victor Ferrat photo

I’ve always been interested in finance and I think it’s a very important element in all aspects of political and economic decision-making. I was always good at maths and fascinated by problem-solving, so for me, it’s a very interesting subject, and a great way to show what I can do.

I went to an International School back home in Mauritius, and came here in 2014 specifically to attend this programme having never been to the UK before, so it was a big decision for me! But I had done a lot of research about the University and this particular course, so I knew exactly what to expect, and knew that this was the course for me. There are only a few good universities that offer this course and the campus at Reading is better than any of the others, so it was a very easy choice.

How different is second year from first year?

Only by the amount of group work in the second year. In the first year, we were mainly working individually, but I’m a team player, so it’s good to gain the experience of working as part of a group.

There is an expectation that students will do an internship between the second and third years, so I am already looking for a suitable opportunity, and the careers advisors from the ICMA Centre have been really supportive. If that goes well, I hope to follow the graduate programme at a private wealth management firm perhaps in London or Zurich or Hong Kong or another financial hub, once I’ve completed my degree.

My advice for anyone thinking of studying Finance & Investment Banking

If you are focused on finance and investment, this course is definitely for you. There’s a high degree of practical work, and it’s a great community of people on the campus. I’ve found it easy to get around, and the location – very close to London – means that we have lots of excellent guest speakers, and we can easily get to lots of very interesting events.

We have very good access to information from Bloomberg and Reuters too, and the facilities are first class.

As a foreign student myself, my message to other foreign students would be: don’t be scared! Enjoy the experience. It can only be a good thing to experience new things and learn more about yourself and other people.