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Case study: Fai - alumni at Reading FC

My name is Fai and I come from Thailand, I studied MSc International Securities, Investment & Banking at ICMA Centre, Henley Business School last year, and now I’m a Finance Intern at Reading Football Club.

Why the ICMA Centre?

I have friends who studied at the Centre last year and I saw them posting on Instagram about the atmosphere of the University; the dormitories, the friends, and facilities like the dealing rooms. It's near London and easy to travel there, and the course has a good reputation in Thailand which is why I decided to study here. An agent in Thailand who helped me apply also said that Henley Business School continues to rank highly for Finance. I received many offers from other universities here, but I thought ICMA Centre was the best for me.

From Thailand to the UK

Before starting the programme I took a pre-sessional English course so that I could integrate more with everyone. It was very important for me to improve myself before starting the course, and it really helped.

MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking gave me the opportunity to select optional modules, which meant I could choose what interested me most. The university gave me a chance to meet friends from different cultures, and gave me the experience to be a Masters student, live in the dormitories, and get a chance to live in a British way. I had a chance to do everything myself, like cooking, washing my clothes, and managing my time and responsibilities without my parents.

Beyond the course

After graduating I managed to secure a job at Reading Football Club just around the corner from the University, along with my friend Can who studied the same course as me at the ICMA Centre. Here I work with the Executive Director of the club and work with the Thai sponsor Caraboa to optimise their marketing strategies, and do the financial modelling. I help manage the inflow of money from the shareholders to the outflow of the money by loaning, buying and evaluating players.

For students applying to Henley Business School, it's a great opportunity to study here you make great friends, you study a really good course, and you have the experience of British life and culture. If you have a chance, go to Henley Business School!