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Case study: Ehsan Syed

Ehsan cropped

It was heartening to see that ICMA Centre has significantly improved and enhanced the infrastructure- the dealing rooms, better equipped lecture rooms and the number of research scholars. The main reason I chose to study at the ICMA Centre because of the specialised, intensive and highly relevant courses for the banking industry.

One of my favourite memories from my time here was making the presentation of the Equity portfolio Project, which involved a few months of managing a virtual portfolio.

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I am currently based in HSBC’s Hong Kong Regional HO and my role involves approving Credit Risk proposals and limits for all Financial Institutions and Sovereign counterparties in Asia-Pacific (which covers around 20 countries). The theoretical knowledge and dealing rooms experience (especially derivatives) at the ICMA Centre came in very useful while interacting with the traders and investment bankers.

Working in the financial sector is challenging and despite the current clouds around the industry, it will remain dynamic. Be clear about what role you want to work in after graduation, do enough research of the potential employer and finally look at the alumni in that firm and ask for help to push your CV through.