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Case study: Can - alumni at Reading FC

My name is Can, I’m from Thailand and studied MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking at ICMA Centre, Henley Business School. Currently I’m working as a Finance Intern at Reading Football Club.

Why the ICMA Centre?

I found out about the ICMA Centre through a friend of my father who was working in Finance. He told me that the Centre has a really good reputation in Thailand for Finance, which was one of the big reasons I chose to study here.

Using the dealing rooms

When I first started the course my favourite thing was the facilities, like the dealing rooms which are supported by Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. It is really useful for us to have the terminals to experiment with before getting into the banking sector.

One of my favourite memories from the course was one of our first sessions using the trading simulation terminals. It had the market events going on, and we were almost finished with only two minutes left on the clock. The simulation is fairly random, and so different events can cause the market to go up or down. In those last two minutes one event caused the market to crash completely, and one of my friends who was on millions of pounds just saw it all go in the opposite direction in seconds. It was incredibly funny, but also a great experience to learn and experience these things first hand!

After graduating

My internship is at Reading FC, and I mostly work with our official sponsor Carabao, a Thai energy drink company. I lay out the business platform, the strategy, and plan how we’re going to launch the product in different countries, and work alongside another ICMA Centre alumni, Fai.

My advice to any prospective students would be that if you have an opportunity to apply here, don’t hesitate to. You learn the theory, but also the practical side of Finance too, and you meet international students and exchange your cultures along the way. You will not regret applying to the ICMA Centre!