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Case study: Athina & Maria from Cyprus

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"We are both studying MSc International Shipping and Finance at the ICMA Centre, part of Henley Business School. It is a Master's degree with huge potential especially in Cyprus as many reputable shipping companies have their head offices there. We chose to study at ICMA Centre because of its high reputation, and the ranking of the University of Reading."

What has been your favourite experience so far?

Athina: "Since starting here at University of Reading, my favourite thing has been the experience of networking with executives and going to visit companies that are relevant to our course."

Maria: "I like the fact that we had the opportunity to visit companies and see how the market works in the real world to prepare for our future careers. Also, we had the chance to speak with industry professionals that already have experience in the shipping market."

Why study at the ICMA Centre?

"Cypriot students should study at the ICMA Centre because it provides students with professional education tailored to the capital markets, something that differentiates the university from the many others. The level of teaching is excellent and all the lecturers and tutors have the willingness to help their students. Not only this but the University of Reading is also in the top 200 universities worldwide, which shows the quality of education you can expect."