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Case study: Ahmed Tarek

267 Tarek Kamel Ahmed

My name is Ahmed Tarek, I'm 27 years old from Egypt and I studied MSc Corporate Finance at the ICMA Centre, Henley Business School.

When I graduated from my BSc in fall 2011 I worked in the Banking Sector, joining the Investment Banking & Corporate Finance team in the bank. I took on several projects spanning different industries, and this motivated me to deepen my knowledge and understanding in the Corporate Finance field and on narrowing the gap between the theory and applied practice, which is why I chose the course.

Life as a Masters student

The Masters student life is very challenging. Pursuing a postgraduate degree from a top university is not an easy task, however, I managed to excel in my course and enjoy the experience at the same time. The workload tends to be high towards the end of term, when most projects and coursework are due and finals are approaching. However, during term times the workload is quite manageable with proper time management.

The Reading University Student Union (RUSU) was a great opportunity to enjoy your time aside from studies. A number of societies are available to join, from educational to sports and leisure. One of my favorite experiences beside the course was the opportunity to make friends from different countries all over the world. Meeting people from different backgrounds is a great experience.

Why study Finance in the UK?

England is known for having top schools in business and finance. Henley Business School, University of Reading is highly ranked amongst universities based on Financial Times and other rankings. That coupled with its proximity to London were the main reasons behind my choice.

ICMA Centre is a reputable centre for higher education in finance. Being a part of Henley Business School and the International Capital Market Association makes it unique. It is equipped with up-to-date facilities such as dealing rooms that allow students to practice real market situations. The ICMA Centre /Henley Business School was one of the few schools offering MSc in Corporate Finance which was the closest to my field of work and which I believe will be of most benefit to my current role in Corporate Finance.

During the course I expanded my knowledge and experience in my field, which definitely will have a positive effect on my role.