International Capital Market Association Executive Education

The ICMA Centre’s constant commitment in enhancing professional practice provides those in the financial sector with educational programmes with the importance of continuous training and hands-on experience not being overlooked.

The market experience and academic expertise valued at the ICMA Centre gives a unique advantage in the provision of quality education for the financial markets. The Centre and its faculty, a team comprising highly qualified academic, professional and industry experienced staff, now manage all of ICMA Centre’s Executive Education courses.

Since the inception of its European Seminar in 1974, the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) has been committed to providing highly quality ICMA Executive Education to its members and to the market at large.

In addition to the Certified Courses described below, the ICMA Centre is also active in providing in-house training courses for staff and clients of member firms in all of its areas subject expertise from financial instruments to investment management to risk management and to regulation and compliance.

Course Structure

London: 12-14 June 2019

London: 6-8 November 2019

Our online courses start at the beginning of each month.

Brussels: 13-15 November 2019

Our online courses start at the beginning of each month.

London: 2-4 October 2019

London: 9-11 October 2019

Classroom based course:

Amsterdam: 8-12 April 2019

Amsterdam: 21-25 October 2019

Our online courses start at the beginning of each month.

Brussels: 11-15 March 2019

Brussels: 18-22 November 2019 

London: 20-24 May 2019

London: 11-15 November 2019

London: 1-2 April 2019

London: 7-8 October 2019

London: 8-9 April 2019

London: 14-15 October 2019

London: 23-24 May 2019

London: 21-22 November 2019

London: 17 – 18 June 2019

London: 18-19 November 2019

London: 27-28 June 2019

London: 2-3 December 2019

London: 4 December 2019

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Further 2019 course dates to be announced.

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