Gurjit Kaur

BSc International Securities, Investment and Banking Graduate

“Before I left, I just wanted to THANK YOU for your immensely appreciated advice and encouragement over the past three years. I don’?t believe I would have learnt nearly as much about the recruitment process, the investment banking industry or even about myself and my suitability to various career paths if it hadn’t been for the CMS seminars, careers committee meetings and individual careers advisory sessions you and Martyn were so kind to provide. You guys do a great job!”

Oliver Wheble

BSc International Securities, Investment and Banking and MSc Financial Engineering and Quantitative Analysis* Graduate

“The ICMA Centre provided an exciting and interactive environment which gave me the knowledge and skills used in the markets. I am sure the course secured my position in a top tier investment bank which will expand my future possibilities. The course allowed me the opportunity to network with people from around the world with different backgrounds and different career ambitions. To sum up, it ensured my entry to the competitive finance industry and I had the time of my life doing it.”

Nicholas Burgess

MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking (Distance Learning*)

“An excellent life changing experience and an essential introduction to financial markets. Studying by distance learning challenges one’s time management and work-life balance abilities to the extreme. The skills learned are immediately applicable to the workplace and hugely beneficial in the long term.”

Enrique Moanack

MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking Graduate

“My whole experience at the ICMA Centre was great. Starting from the personal perspective, my life changed radically; I came to another country with many varied languages and cultures, which offered a totally different life experience. The course was demanding but very interesting and satisfying. In terms of career prospects, it gave me the tools and skills to be competitive and ultimately enabled me to find a job in the city.”

Trevor Wisniewski

MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking Graduate

“My experience at the Centre was one of the best moves I made in my career. It has gotten me to where I wanted to be both financially and job satisfaction. It has been the most rewarding and valuable experience of my life.”

*Masters degree previously offered by the ICMA Centre