Undergraduate Scholarships and Prizes

FTU Scholarship

The ICMA Centre in collaboration with the Foreign Trade University, Faculty of Banking and Finance, Hanoi, Vietnam have agreed a 10%  discount to the tuition fees for the best performing students entering the 2+2 programme.

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students studying BSc Banking and Finance (taught in English) at the Foreign trade University wishing to progress their studies in a top UK university.

For more information about requirements and eligibility please email Matt Goss admissions@icmacentre.ac.uk.

ICMA Centre undergraduate academic achievement prize

Each year the Centre awards a prize of £500 to the final year BSc student who achieves the highest mark for their degree.

The Worshipful Company of International Bankers

The City Livery Company, The Worshipful Company of International Bankers, sponsors a Prize of £300 for the top performing BSc student completing the Module “Topics in Finance”.  This is presented by their representative on Graduation Day in July each year.

The winner also qualifies to participate in the prestigious Lombard Prize competition.  The Lombard prize will be judged on a 1,000 word maximum executive summary of the research project and an oral responses to topical questions. The Lombard Prize is worth £1,500 plus a certificate, silver salver, invitation to the annual Banquet and  one year Membership in the Company.

The Worshipful Company of International Bankers is a Livery Company based at the heart of the City financial markets.  More information is available from their website: http://internationalbankers.org.uk/

2016 winner: Dina Ghanma

Henley Alumni Bursary 2016/17

The philanthropic support of the Henley alumni community has enabled the Henley Alumni Fund to create a new bursary of up to £9,000 over three years for one Undergraduate Programme student starting at Henley Business School in 2016.

The Bursary will be awarded to applicants who can demonstrate significant financial need who will contribute to the diversity and experience of their programme, and support the aims and objectives of Henley Business School. A consideration of the wider impact of your Undergraduate degree on graduating will also be taken into account.

For more information and to apply, click here.